Bodywork I Thai / Oil / Air-Sculpture / Sound and Vibration Massage

$100.00 AUD - $350.00 AUD

✨Blissful Relaxing Head to Toes massage
A special massage sequence that Tida designs specially for those who needs full body relaxation. This session includes Thai style massage, oil massage, heated herbal balls, and finishing with Gua Sha facial massage.
"It is heavenly the best massage that I've ever have" ~ Kyran, from Yanada retreat.

Therapeutic technique that involves working with the body involving manipulative therapy, breath work, or energy medicine. It aims to assess or improve posture, promote awareness of the "bodymind connection" rather than the "mind-body connection". The goal of this type of hands-on treatment is to warm, relax and stretch the fascia (a band or sheath of connective tissue that covers, supports, or connects the muscles and the internal organs) and underlying layers of tissue.

✨Air-Sculpture Massage
This type of massage helps to open the air channels within the body which often develop calcification and blocks the air circulation in the body causing aches and pains. Using some tools such as; a couple of sizes of rubber headed hammers, a few different shapes of wooden chisels, heated compressed herbal balls and herbal oil mixed with coconut oil. This will disintegrate the calcification around the joints to allow the air to flow throughout the body properly. Once the air flows out from the trapped areas, the body will begin to heal itself.
Please note that this massage is required a minimum of 2 hours per session

✨Sound and Vibrational massage
You will be infuse into sound of the Tibetan Singing bowls. Sound helps the body relax deeper. The vibrations of the singing bowls will massage each part of the body from head to toe. You will leave feeling much lighter and calmer.

These sessions will be at Tida Happy Yogi's headquarter in Chippendale.

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